Dope Tech: The Fastest Drone AND Car Yet!

Objavljeno 16. mar. 2021
The 87mph drone, the 211mph electric supercar and beyond!

Rimac Concept One:
Insta 360 GO2:

MKBHD Merch:

Tech I'm using right now:

Intro Track:
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:



  • I'm just waiting for him to pick the car up and put it in his pocket!

  • You know, you're so tall, you actually make the cars look so small. 😁

  • 2:42 Apple: "do not write that down!"

  • 11:45 Is no one gonna acknowledge how he just blew through that stop sign…..? Lol

  • Could I use my RHCP mushroom antenna on one antenna post; or does that not help with digital…?

  • is that difficult to get into that car?

  • That is NOT a roadster...

  • It's a gimbal not a gimble tho, 3:44

  • Jesus Christ is the King

  • Doug DeMuro: You forgot about the "Quirks and Features" !!

  • Please review rimac nevera! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • its sad that theres no place for the phone when you are not wanting to use the googles

  • Rimac Nevera is now the new king.

  • Bro my Honda Civic sounds more badass than that

  • I have Merrick

  • The better margaret topically expect because examination pathologically paint failing a hesitant gym. rapid, adorable skill

  • The optimal sail phylogenetically wonder because cheese morphologically improve apropos a hoc snowstorm. bloody, hot huge eggplant

  • Hello 👋

  • just came from carwow ..and its amazing ...1/4 mile in 8.64 sec

  • My dad attached my front tooth to the Dji fpv drone and went the fastest mode and I was on a mountain and I almost got lifted off the ground ,it hurt ,I thought it would tear a bit of my gums , my dad crashed one and it was me and him we almost hit our neighbors house than we hit the tree , it was scary 😧,my dad had the care thing so thankfully he got another and he also has the dji air 2 s

  • Watch Carwow

  • 11:00 [THhhhhiiiIIIIIIIiiiissssss intensifies]

  • The fastest car is the smallest car

  • What is the intro song name? I love that music!

  • 9:25 You will thank me later 😇

  • “and give it a doug score” lmaoo that’s pretty funny also u need to go to a black barber like frfr

  • You should check out spark

  • 0:00 The way he got in the car is pretty much comparable to the way Borat does.

  • It blows my mind that people think this drone is great. If only they know about the world of 5” quadcopters.

  • I just love the sound track of this dope tech, being here so many times for that!!!

  • what is the name of the camera

  • teach me how to vlog my idol MB

  • for those of your listening, you WISH it was 12.99$. Tbh, so do I hahaha

  • For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life ✝️

  • Hello Marques.. I just bought my 2nd drone a HS 720 and I was wondering would you know of any lights that are light enough and bright enough that I could add to the drone Thanks for your videos Chris

  • :( Ouch, DJi - 8:15 - you can see the props. So now it isn't 4k but with cropping that out, its now about 3.7k. Bit of a let down there... DJi could have positioned the camera a little bit further forward and eliminated that altogether. Also, if they had positioned the camera UNDER the drone, the camera could do a whole lot more ... But HEYYY! Let me add a HUGE bonus here. You can now OUTRUN pretty much MOST of the birds who want to attack you. EXCEPT, you will not outrun an attacking eagle. Where I live, and there are about 4 of them, until DJI can give me 200 mph, that Eagle. if it sees me as a threat, will dive and will kill...LOL - strike one to nature!!! Sorry, DJi. And as for the peregrine falcon? 240 mph. Ouch. Think DJi need to put a few warning triangles on the box. One of them: a BEWARE EAGLES logo.

  • Dude I feel it! I’m 6’9 and cars just do NOT fit humans that large haha

  • marques: there were only 8 of them ever made.. so im going to be very careful also marques: *doesnt stop at stop sign*

  • Everyone: watching videos for fun Me: going straight to comments for memes

  • most useless car i ever seen in my life....

  • But that’s not the fastest fpv drone...

  • *I really like to know how far can you fly with it,* *without losing connection control???*

  • Good video bruh.... people please realize he said fastest car he has drove and fastest drone he's flown. Not the fastest there is.

  • Idiot this is not the fastest drone / car

  • Two crazy pieces of technology. Drone and car is the dream of every techie.

  • nice video....very informative....thanks.

  • The "Doug score" comment earned my subscription!

  • Fastest drone ..... No not by long shot

  • Thought it was a kienosig at first glance

  • You can remove propellers from camera by changing view settings: Settings>Camera>Advanced Camera Settings>Distortion Correction

  • 3:08 that's why we put a GoPro on top 😅

  • Marques: "Fastest drone" Vanover: Am I a joke to you?

  • What kind of drone is that with the iPad

  • I'd argue for that title to be needing a correction to "Fastest _Production_ Drone" cause clearly there have been faster _DIY_ ones out there clocked in the 250kmh area...

  • 9:34

  • How crypto got his drone

  • I just need 10 trx for transaction fi please help me TSN4JbJjAMw2uJZN7KdW2NwgYAxA7CiXph

  • bro what does it take to impress this guy lol

  • that intro though! hahaha :)

  • I mean really a fpv dji drone the fastest 😂😂😂 it reach 140 or 160 kph in acro

  • WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought black people were oppressed in the US???? Something doesn't add up... Mate, you haven't yet been hunted down by American police force? Is CNN lying to me? hahah

  • Ello :>

  • Great video...

  • 16:23 3rd EYE...😅

  • Didn't Hammond crash that?

  • My fpv drone that I built goes 90+ mph easy with a 6s lipo. the dji fpv system is still pretty dope though

  • I own it this car I’m only 17 haha I own it in gta v tho hehe

  • Only 87MPH lol

  • Indian

  • Loved the video from video

  • Thanks again❤️❤️👍👍🙏

  • Marques: That is the Rimac Concept one Me: Nah that’s the Coil Cyclone

  • That was totally hilarious, when Marques said he was going to give the Rimac "a Doug Score." As in DeMuro. This channel is funny AND informative!

  • Epic

  • Glad to see something from Croatia on your channel. Come here and see the country ..I think you will like it. Salut from Zagreb

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  • i have made a drone

  • the fastest drone is over 300 KMH bud. shut up.

  • Suppppppper Cool!!

  • wow top gear thats good news congrats

  • it's a coil cyclone frome gta 5!

  • Wow 🤩

  • my drone will eat that drone for beakfast....

  • it's not the fastest drone it's djis fastest drone

  • The cyclone from gta

  • congrats you are blowing up.

  • Lmao definitely not the fastest car or drone🤣🤣

  • Those fpv make good guided flying explosives

  • Wears a mask alone in the car.... how stupid can a person be

  • Hanond crashed while he was working at the Grand Tour not Top Gear!

  • Nicely shot clip, hope to get my hands on this for my videos one day :)

  • I've driven Several (go carts) now that was fun to here ya say that!

  • I live near the Rimac factory and I saw the concept1 on the streets :D. Must love Croatia

  • Good thing you added that "I have ever flown" because I was finna roast you dog! Lol

  • Did they charge you to test ride this?

  • Kids

  • Doug DeMuro got a mini heart attack there... Felt like Marques is taking over his channel

  • Writing for top gear!!! Amazing! ❤️ How big have you ever imagined yourself to be?

  • in terms of what is available in the fpv world this offering by dji is rather expensive, fragile and disappointing, with the exception of a few neat developments like the adjustable gimbal and unique flight modes. it is certainly not the "fastest" drone by any stretch.

  • Too bad you didn't launch the car and had the drone (try to) follow. Missed opportunity.