Why Did LG Phones Really Die?

Objavljeno 6. apr. 2021
RIP LG Smartphones 🪦

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  • LG phones are the best ever. Why oh why stop

  • Hey im buying that lg wing for $100-200 bucks!

  • Yeah ... Rejoining camp Samsung

  • First phones in a lot of functionalities...first phones in the group of phones to... die. Just to add, LG should sell their "hidden" ideas to other still alive phone manufacturers.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOO, I'll never get to see a LG G flex 3 😭

  • such a shame i have stuck with l.g from the start for being different.

  • God tier hardware but their software..... Especially almost none updates

  • I had a G3 it was a great phone. One of the last to have removable batteries. If I remember right it was the first 2k screen on a phone

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  • shout out to the G8X dual screen

  • i thought motorola was the first dual core smart phone. Maybe that was canadian market

  • LG is wack

  • I am also using LG mobiles [lg g8x thinq dual screen] but still has only android 10 I think there will be updates till 12

  • The self healing scratch video is the first vid I saw from you and got me to sub, I annoyed my aunt at the store when she got a new phone that year til she got that LG one just so I could scratch it myself😂 rip LG phones:(

  • Problem was software updates. I bought a g7 and extremely happy with the hardware, but it never got off android 9. Granted, the fact that YOU didn’t do a proper LG review after about the G4 probably didn’t help.

    • LG should've improved the software for their phones

  • Lg G3 was such a great phone.

  • Samsung and apple are taking over - monopoly must be avoided

  • Both me and my wife use LG smartphones -G8X and LG velvet ..solid devices 🤘🤘

  • Guy with the name, "MKBHD": Their naming sucks! 😂

  • The reason LG PHONES really die is bcuz they suck my phone isn't but mayb a month old an every week I have to buy a new charger cord I'm sure some of the money I'm spending on charger cords go to LG an I also have problems with getting the headphones y'all don't care about ur customers I promise u I will never buy an LG PHONE I have given y'all to many chances everything is good on LG PHONES besides y'all make sure that ur charger ports mess up all the time an can't use a phone if it can't stay charged SAMSUNG kicks y'all ass evertime

  • My first phone from LG, the G2, was probably the first phone to introduce the world (unintentionally) with a bezel-less design. It was a beautiful phone, and I still casually look for a used one on market to buy. Such a memorable device it was!! I still own one LG G7 as my secondary phone and apart from some battery life issues, I absolutely enjoy it! It's a multimedia powerhouse! You'll be thoroughly missed, LG!❤️

  • My problem with lg (back in the day) was anyone around me who had one it was always buggy and it’s features weren’t as good as apple, samsung, htc or Motorola. So for me it left a bad taste and I never gave them a chance and would persuade others away from it.

    • @Nocturnal Guy the things I seen were down right broken and the software never got fixed, and the phones themselves being cheap feeling. No phone is ever perfect but Samsung and apple make quality phones compared to what lg had.

    • Iphone had issues and were buggy and less storage....ppl didn't mind, Samsung phone were buggy and lagged over time....ppl didn't mine. However ppl never forgave LG for it's buggy software. At least it wasn't banned from the US airlines due to it being a fire hazard.

  • I had a LG phone from 2011

  • I remember having the G3 and G6. They were great for the first year. After a year they became buggy and some apps wouldn't work. Switched back to Apple and never looked back

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  • was that pewdiepie headphones?

  • Watching this video on my flagship which costed me 300 dollars....... LG😔

  • Ok im already using LG i must keep this phone

  • I'm trying to figure out if they ate an L by innovation. They always had ideas but it didn't seem like a lot of things stuck. The velvet was nice.

  • actually I'm a fan of LG phone, their products are really good and innovative

  • oh so you was one of the guys making verizon rich since back in the days

  • anno salvato la Nokia e ora devono salvare e lg perche senza celulari e lg e come senza celulari della Nokia a vete capito stubiti produtori

  • riprodute i celulari lg perche sono belli e resistenti al tempo

  • LG phone is the worst phone I ever owned..and if you have a problem with yours they will NOT help you. You are stuck!!!

  • You know what's going to happen next if you have a LG phone even if your phone works good you going to have to upgrade to a different brand and pay more money Once they take them COMPLETELY OFF OF THE MARKET SMDH They didn't tell you that part now did they ??

  • i've had quite a few lg phones, i have/had at least 3. the env was the phone i had to beg my parents to get and i had to pay for it myself with bday/holiday money. i had the olive green one. i'm actually upgrading from my lg g5 now (didnt know it was the first ultra wide!). had it for a few years and it did well for the price i paid for it. i'm pretty sad about lg quitting phones but there's so many competitors it's not necessarily a surprise

  • LG just kind of faded away with smartphones I hadnt heard much in the news about them for smartphones for a long time

  • LG made very quality products they had to keep changing every year because you content creators put them down so bad because you were lining your pockets with Samsung's money and iPhone.

  • Same with pineapple pizza

  • 3:00 its actually a breeze compared to Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

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  • we were looking at a fridge the other day it said thinQ on it ..........very confusing

  • mi 10t pro :'D I still have no idea what the t stands for.

  • The G6 is a tank

  • fanboys and marketing. i had 2, g2 and v30, two of my favorite phones. but i was never "convinced" i needed a laptop for a phone. lg was more like pixel or oneplus, they tried to be more practical and innovate where they could, some didn't work out, but some did.

  • I think the g6 and g6+ were great. Should me noted that I never have and still don't care about flagship phones and the g6's we're my first and only experience with a flagship.

  • HTC Evo 3D: :( What about me?

  • Shall I buy an LG wing for $400 ?

  • Watching this on my G6.

  • cant believe you didn't mention Lg Cookie, bro everybody had one of those in middle school

  • LG sucks when it comes to smartphones but LG is an awesome brand when it comes to home appliances.

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  • Now i am with Lg G6. Its a great phone. Cant believe they will stop produce smartphones

  • The G3 was pretty amazing and I also liked the G6 and G8. V60 was great.

  • Rip Lg thx for making my first phone.

  • V30 still going strong

  • I own an LG. Should I arrange a funeral?

  • LG made fantastic phones, though they did turn me off when they failed to acknowledge the various bootloop issues

  • Yo bro, not that it matters but you using the old version logo

  • i loved my chocolate phone!

  • LG the Soulja boy of phones no cap💯

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  • LG G3 was a BEAST

  • G3 was dope. After that Samsung and Apple took over.

  • I am holding one of LGs last phones. The LG V60

  • Watching this on LG Stylo 5 while I try to figure out what kind of phone to go for next. That lack of updates is what makes me unhappy with it.

  • LG lost consumer trust after the G3 because of all the logic board bootlooping issues starting around the G4 and plagued most of their high end models of that era

  • As a South Korean person, I will miss you very much LG

  • Marques is sooooo rich that he thinks most people don't use LG phones

  • My first phone was the LG Q7+ and I had it for the last two and a half years. Once the news came out they were done making phones I went ahead and upgraded to the Samsung A52.

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  • I have a LG2,3,v10 and my daily V40.....

  • Because outside of Apple and Samsung nothing else can survive that isn't niche.

  • I had an lg g7 and it was one of my favourite phones ever

  • This guy has been a LG hater for a longgggg time. Screw Samsuck phones and Iphony phones!!

  • the LG G8 & LG WING offer more features that are practical for my needs than any other phone brand out there. I'm extremely upset about there decision to stop making phones. in a world of monopolized overpriced garbage. They provided me with features that were more useful for me. I dont care AT ALL about palm gestures. but unlocking the phone with a palm reading. is the BEST unlock feature EVER for a Semi Truck Driver. of any phone. plus the storage and headphone support, means music while jogging and movies while waiting at a dock yard in my semi truck. The LG WING, is the absolute best phone for a truck driver as well. I only wish it had a palm reading unlock feature and a headphone jack, and same waterproofing. But it does make up for those lack of features by allowing me, to set the LG WING on my Qi Wireless Car Charger in my car and semi truck. In Wing Mode. and watch google maps, while i change stations in iHeart Radio, or amazon music, without ever having to close a app to do it make phone calls while watching movies, playing games while replying to a text. checking my motion sensor security camera at home while still having my gps displayed so i wont miss a turn. the LG WING & G8 Are the Best Phones Period, idc about all the other stuff. They do things for me no other phone companies can do. so them opting out, breaks my heart. foreal foreal. I've lost spouses that didn't affect me this much.

  • LG died because at some point in its history people associated their cell phones with cheap cheap CHEAP quality. Idk why or when it happened but it did. All of my friends were surprised whenever I showed them a modern LG because to them LG was the default for cheap Android you get with your carrier. Hell even though I knew LG made pretty good phones and I knew which LGs were good, I still never bought one because I STILL thought of them as cheap. It's weird

  • Pretty sad to see them go I was about to get the LG Wing but heard the news so I didn't do it

    • they have software updates until android 13

  • Serious question tho, what alternative do we have now? Galaxy phones are utter dog shit compared to LG phones. Samsung can't suck my hairy ass hairs if they want me to give up the headphone jack too.. I guess Sony is the only real option left now...?

  • LG was a hero now deid as hero's

  • LG was a hero now deid as hero's

  • Switched from an iPhone 4 to LG G3 and was hooked on the LG phones. Then I went with the G5 for the awesome wide angle camera. Now I'm using the G7 which has been a great phone for a couple years. I've always liked the innovations in their high end models and they were typically less expensive than the more popular brands. I really feel that LG did a poor job marketing their phones. Ask some random person what smartphone they have, the answer will probably be an iPhone or Samsung because people are so easily influenced by what they see on TV or other media sources. Most will also automatically associate an Android phone with Samsung even though there are many other options. For LG it seemed that the phone market was just some side gig to have fun with rather than really pushing it for sales. Of the people I've ever talked with that have used a LG smartphone most all of them said they really liked the phones and a majority were still using them as their main phones. I do think LG will be missed from the market. Taking away a company who's brought so much to what a smartphone is today is a big hit to everyone and future innovation.

  • LG L3 E-400 was my first phone and I still have it, It still works, and I intend to hold on to it since I have a lot of memories from it. Goodbye LG, Life was good when you were around...

  • Lg should have done what motorla did they wrrnt selling good in the flag ship category with the moto x so the ditched it only sticking with moto g and e sure they have fancy more expensive phones but they are experiments so they wont hurt lg was selling its k series and stylo series really well in the states and shouldve stuck to that ditchimg the g series and v series

  • My reaction was more like, "FINALLY I HATE LG PHONES"

  • my first lg phone was lg cookie my mother gave that to me when i was in grade shool

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  • If LG has done so much innovation all over these years... Thn what Apple had done in innovation front... Or they are like those Chinese copycats who just polish others innovation and sell them... Asking this cause never heard a actually class leading innovative tech from Apple

    • Yet so many "tech reviewers" put Apple on a pedestal, never ever criticizing them, not even once. This is all about money and views, talking bad about Apple means they will lose money.

  • My favorite LG smart phone was the LG Stylo 3

  • I always loved LG phones. From G3 to G7. Loved those.

  • I have an LG wing and I'm gonna take care of it forever

    • Keep tht piece bro... Someday in far future u gonna make a Auction out of tht❤️

  • Why is the metal on my Samsung phone less than a centimetre on the side Why are the most expensive phones so fragile Make it so that designs protect the expensive phone please

    • Samsung tries to make their phone beautiful and curved the edges and make the bezels way too small, it's not practical and it makes it more fragile. LG is the few phones with a military grade standard rating.

  • Lg worlds best eye fine phone

  • Which phone had the Windows OS?

  • I just sold my g3😭

  • No lie the 1st point about the point actually is so true - I remember looking at the LG line up and I was so confused as to which was which and what did what - which one was new or old or more powerful! I was like "I don't understand this to much, so I'll just keep looking around"

    • @American Freedom World Peace ok, just what I felt thats all bud lol chiiiiilll - maybe it's becuase it's more known, therefore I'm more familiar - idk just what I thought when I saw it

    • Sooo Apple is confusing too! iPhone 8, iPhone X (but pronounced as 10), iPhone XR and iPhone XS (um okay, which is which? Then iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.. so I think everyone is giving LG a harder time while giving Apple a free pass. A person like you who don't research phones probably end up using a Samsung or Apple because that's the phones that often get recommended by sales people. I think LG's naming was fine.. affordable flagship: LG G, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6, G7 premium: LG V10, V20, V30, V40, V50, V60 budget phones: LG Stylo, Stylo 2, Stylo 3, Stylo 4, Stylo 5, and any LG K series They renamed the LG G9 to LG Velvet because they wanted to simplify it. The LG Wing is a good name, it's very recognizable and understandable

  • What is the Outro song? Beat was 🔥

  • LG is very reliable in my experience