The Smartphone With a Microscope Camera?!

Objavljeno 12. mar. 2021
The Billion Color smartphone with a microscope camera. Gimmick or feature?

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Phone provided by Oppo for video.



  • Don't buy Chinese 👍🏻

  • Then there's me who buys phone cause it's cheap

  • That intro sound is a spinoff of Kpax's soundtrack

  • Better than photoshop

  • 40 hours to create a single piece curved gass, fetish.

  • That pillow looks super uncomfortable

  • 1:05 what phone is this?

  • That screen is the exact same as the oneplus 9 pro

  • trust me whole insta and tik tok and what not will be filled with this like - guess what is it and etc...this is going to be a really fun thing...and no so long other companies will take it as well in their phones :D

  • копченый завязывай

  • Hmm...

  • The smart chive speculatively present because glove whitely dust except a silky education. animated, tart clover

  • Where can you get Oppo in USA??

  • The long press fingerprint sensor feature thing has been on my OnePlus 7t for like the past year

  • പൊളി

  • That Tshirt! 🔥

  • Now OJ has no excuse for not finding the real killer.

  • Microscope Camera on a smartphone is the most exciting thing I've seen so far. I hope this catches on.

  • Now we can John Cena

  • Where can I find me one of those processor cushions??

  • Do you actually buy this cpu pillow from Linus ?😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Have had this phone for a month now, I'm still watching reviews like a weirdo. 😅

  • 13:02 these microscopic photos are insane

  • I want it now.

  • that microscope is freaking dope!

  • Ipolaam niriaya phones varudhu. So confusing to buy the right one.

  • Is this the Z flip MKBHD t-shirt

  • Find X: Superior design and full screen display Find X2 series: People always zoom and we have 10X optical zoom and 60X digital zoom Find X3 series: 1 billion color display

  • Can u suggest me a phone ? Camera for youtube and gaming also in my mind iphone 11 or iqoo 7

  • This phone impresses me so much :0 It's... unique but has like no flaws. It checks everything. I want one now! And that microscopic camera is something all phones need to have now!!

    • Find X: Superior design and full screen display Find X2 series: People always zoom and we have 10X optical zoom and 60X digital zoom Find X3 series: 1 billion color display

  • As someone who likes to photograph fungi and insects, I need this!

  • Why tf do it have big sur wallpaper

  • It's about time we can actually see how Coronavirus looks like

  • Your video's deserve more views and likes!

  • Field Geologists are going to love this thing.

  • Wow PlayStation controller got those all over They really good with quality

  • The macro camera is insane! I wish fold 3 comes with such camera.

    • But it's really a gimmick you can buy a phone microscope gear for any phone

  • As a denimhead, that microscope truly is a feature to me

  • 9:52 - the Mouth of Sauron!!!!! :)

  • I am 101% sure those who buy this phone for the microscope photos, they will fed up after 1 week and will never use that feature again :-D

  • But there's no periscope lense!

  • So what your saying is "super difficult to repair"

  • Brother please ask Samsung to bring back SD card slot in flagship handsets.

  • I have had several jobs in the california cannabis industry and this is amazing for things like on the fly plant inspection, pest identification and trichome production. Much more appealing to me than all the other flagship cameras

  • 📷🧐

  • Who knows maybe u can even spot the corona virus with this phone ..

  • Let's be honest oxygen os 11 destroyed the value of oxygen os .. well atleast that's what I think .

  • am love with it

  • I got the Spotify logo on the phone and the PlayStation controller, the rest I was like "Wtf am I looking at?"

  • It's useless but i really want it lmao

  • Did you have to hold that phone without a case on those stairs! 😱

  • I thought mkbhd was wearing a bts logo t-shirt

  • You do know the p30 normal also has a very good micro camera to

  • flip I love that microscope!

  • It feels weird that most phone companies are fighting for camera quality rather than the “phone” which it was meant for (calling)

  • Fuck so cool

  • Actually , why no- one is taking bout the camera design which OPPO copied APPLE  12 pro model’s NB: that’s what APPLE is they’ve their own things !!!🔥

  • Another great review. Big up!

  • It would have been ground breaking only if apple did it

  • only got the ps5 controller

  • Ps5 controller

  • I must say I'm going to try get this. I consider this to be gimmick for majority of the people, but definitely feature for me at my work. I do take lot of microscopic photos at work at PCB industry.

  • This the coolest future that nobody will use in their daily lives.

  • I just saw corona virus in one of your photos

  • Why do you need a microscope in your phone?

  • i would consider it a feature if it has the capability of a true microscope aka can see through things like cells bacteria etc

  • Looks like a iPhone 12 Pro from wish

  • "Not all gimmicks are created equal" Love it

  • Just looks like an iphone 12 pro but the camera is flip flopped

  • We all came for the microscope

  • Feature

  • gotta clean that ps controller.

  • Finally there is a phone out there for the scientists, to avoid carrying around their equipment's everywhere. Amazing item, mind-blowing

    • I don't think this is "mind-blowing". It is just that you are not accustomed to it. If every manufacturer was making this tool, it would just be "another tool". Also, from a purely technical stand, there is really nothing that defers from this camera and another phone, except some changes in the focal point of the optics. Any manufacturer could implement this in an heartbeat (which, unfortunately, none does because they all are copy/paste non-sense).

  • plugs will put this to good use on snapchat

  • Nobody got dual sense wrong. Don't tell me that

  • There's nothing smooth Everything is rough ...

  • I see LTT pillow. Nice

  • It seems they took the 'find' part of the phone way too seriously 😂

  • Amazing! I am fascinated

  • 4:23 it was there in Xiaomi's K20 pro way back in 2019

  • у меня так же oneplus 8 pro снимает в макро

  • Dope merch

  • you can "make" microscope camera with any phone. All you need is small laser focusing lense in your old CD/DVD drive. Then you attach it to your camera with ducktape or whatever and vuala. It has even bigger magnification.

    • + you can buy it for your lenses

  • Those photos were crazy !!

  • Nice

  • remember Jesus die on a cross for our sins and rose again repent get saved he is coming soon God bless you 🙏❤

  • Amerika should give Smartphone other specs like 3000mhbuger or 40pm of battery

  • Oppo is a good brand but they think they can rise up to like apple level in a, like, a year or sumthin

  • 0:56 where's the IPhone why we didn't see it with those fantastic smartphones which have gimmicks and features. Or there's no gimmick nor features in Iphones 😅 I do like that microscopical lens in this phone it is a fantastic feature. It might be gimmick if Apple didn't copy it, but If apple did copy it and becomes the first company use microscopical lens in a smartphone 😂 that's gonna be definitely a feature 😅 All jokes inside, I do love to see the next generation of this phone still have this microscope lens but even better it is a most have lens besides the regular, wide angle and the telephoto ones.

  • I've always wanted a camera that took close up shots

  • Apple fanboys: Im not using a phone as a microscope

  • Iphone copy

  • The threads on the shirt was a nice touch!

  • In future phone you can see the virus and bacteria. Also you can zoom to moon or mars and see people 😀

  • Am I the only one who is having weird ideas about things to see with this phone

  • Can’t find anywhere the actual oppo smart phone model you’re reviewing and price 🤔

  • oppo find x3 pro couldn't find it in description or title, had to rewatch :p

  • They did it to take pics of your saliva and see if you got the Covid by yourself

  • Does it show even Corona😂😁

  • I love the fact that the PS5 controller has actually microscopic details... DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!